Design - Prototyping - Preproduction

On-Site, Desco & Domestic/Overseas Strategic Suppliers

Design & Prototyping

Our organization’s roots are based on supporting our customers’ engineers and facilitating the prototype to the production process. When the company originally started, this was accomplished by providing DFM support and working directly with the engineer and a strategic supplier to provide design guidance. Today we provide the same DFM support, but at a much greater level, using our in-house engineering and manufacturing skills and our strategic partners to provide prototype builds to validation production.

3D Printing

Speed, flexibility, and cost benefits of using 3D Printing processes like SLA Stereolithography, SLS Selective Sintering, FDM Fused Deposition Molding DLP, MJF, or other alternatives like Silicone Casting for prototype or small production runs.


Pre-production is the critical groundwork that sets the stage for a successful manufacturing process. At proNet, we meticulously plan, design, and create prototypes, working closely with our clients' teams to ensure every detail meets their specifications. This phase ensures efficient communication and coordination, laying a solid foundation for a smooth manufacturing journey, minimizing risks, and optimizing the project's efficiency.